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1 Publications
0 Purchased
Irina Aggeeva
Ph.D. in History
1 Publications
101 Purchased
Vera Akhonina
32 Publications
27 Purchased
Yuri Akimov
Professor of History
1 Publications
72 Purchased
Yury Akimov
Doctor of Science (History)
5 Publications
123 Purchased
Pavel Aksenov
Candidate of Sciences (Economics)
4 Publications
48 Purchased
Tatiana Alenteva
Doctor of Historical Sciences
2 Publications
0 Purchased
Mikhail Alkhimenkov
2 Publications
0 Purchased
Ivan Alov
1 Publications
17 Purchased
Ekaterina Anashkina
Cand. Sci. (History)
7 Publications
60 Purchased