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Georgy Korsakov
9 Publications
2 Purchased
Ekaterina Kosevich
PhD in Political Science
1 Publications
356 Purchased
Alina Kosova
1 Publications
61 Purchased
Vladimir Kostornichenko
Professor of Economy
1 Publications
78 Purchased
Sergey Kostyayev
candidate of political sciences, adjunct senior fellow at Institute of Scientific Information on Social Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences, PhD student and part-time lecturer at Rutgers University
9 Publications
61 Purchased
Alla Kovtunova
1 Publications
0 Purchased
Vladimir Kozin
3 Publications
77 Purchased
Korney Kozlov
Research Fellow
6 Publications
243 Purchased
Vadim Kozlov
Ph. D. (History)
4 Publications
68 Purchased
Victor Kremenyuk
PhD in Historical sciences
16 Publications
6 Purchased