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In the article problems of historical politics in the United States in the context of the memory of the Confederation (CSA) and the Civil War are analyzed. The author considers features, stages and forms of historical politics in the United States taking into account the contexts of the evolution of collective ideas about the American Confederacy and the fate of the confederate heritage in contemporary political and ideological discourses and urban landscapes of the United States. The author analyses the main historiography concepts of the CSA as a form of invention of the past and imagination of the history. The author examines how social and political activists marginalize and destroy the confederate monumental heritage in the public spaces of the modern USA. The author presumes that American intellectuals manipulate collective historical memory actively. Attempts to codify and unify the memory of the Civil war and the CSA began immediately after the end of the war. Historical revisionism became an important factor in the history of collective ideas about the CSA. Southern intellectuals proposed a theory of the "lost cause", which idealized the participation of the Southern states in the war. The practices and strategies of the manipulative use of history in U.S. case derive from historical revisionism genetically. Southern historians became the authors of the political myth, which assisted to the idealization and glorification of the South as a participant in the conflict. Southern concepts had a revisionist character, because they opposed official historiography. The events of the 21th century inspired the ideologization and politicization of historiography because public politicians actualized the political roles of history. Historiography debates and discussions about the confederate heritage transformed into historical politics gradually. Activists of Africana-American organizations in the United States initiated the instrumentality and public use of historical politics, because they inspired demolition of confederate monuments in the second half of the 2010s. The radicalization of historical politics became a stimulus for the fragmentation of American society. Debates about the confederate heritage in U.S.society continue, and the trajectories of the development of historical politics in the USA remain unclear.
historical politics, historical memory, USA, identity, lost cause, revisionism
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